Release Notes v1.0

v1.0.0 (2020-05-27)


  • Added transition screen between scenes


  • Food is now consumable and gives mush more happiness
  • Mushie will sometimes pop into the toy room if it gets stuck walking there (sometimes it gets a little lost)
  • Paint now empties from used paint buckets for the easel toy (we took the bottomless paint buckets away… they went for a lot on ebay)
  • Updated models for basic chair, basic table, and basic lamp- now slightly less basic!
  • Mushie now gets sad when it is hit with the ball (pls don’t hurt mushies)
  • Ugly wall is now slightly less ugly

Mushie Eating Soup

  • Fixed clipping and sync issues with food animation
  • Mushie now immediately goes after feather when it is taken out of inventory (it was just feeling a little lazy before)
  • Fixed issue with tank SFX never stopping

Mush Rush

  • Added unlocking system for levels
  • Added mush stars to song buttons to make it easy to track progress
  • Added particle effects when mushie gets a golden leaf
  • Added new text popups for Missed, Good, and Perfect
  • Songs now have proper titles (no more Song 1, Song 2, Song 3!)
  • (Secret bonus song???)

  • Fixed issue with mushie falling off the edge of the level in the Tutorial


  • Added cutscene transition from hub to Mush Rush start screen (GO MUSHIE GO!)
  • Added smaller transition from hub to home

Beatle Cutscene


  • Furniture and accessories now start locked and unlock after getting mush stars in Mush Rush