Meet the characters of the Mushverse.


Your pet mushroom! Isn't it adorable? Mushies are very playful but come with a lot of resposibilities! Be sure to feed and play with them to keep them happy!


The BEATle is a scary bug that emerges from the forest of Mushville to capture fearful mushies. Its day-to-day life is unknown to Mushville, but mushies are staying vigilant...


An experienced shop owner, the shopkeeper sells many kinds of items including accessories, furniture, toys, and supplies. The shopkeeper is a diligent mushie who works day and night all week to keep other mushies happy.

Ghost Mushie

Boo! Did the Ghost Mushie scare you? The haunting specter of the graveyard lingers in the dark wilderness for eternity. Although they do not seek to harm the mortal Mushies, try not to run into them when going on a run with your Mushie!