Release Day! v1.0

Published on May 28, 2020 by Amber Smith


It’s release day, mushie lovers! My Mini Mushroom is officially out of beta and we’ve got a lot of changes that we hope you’ll like! However, release doesn’t mean the end for mushie’s adventures- we’ve got plans for several updates coming your way soon with more polish and bug fixing and a few new features. We’ll be published on the Google Play Store soon and we’re currently working on an iOS build. But enough about that, here are the updates as of this build:

v1.0.0 (2020-05-27)


  • Added transition screen between scenes


  • Food is now consumable and gives mush more happiness
  • Mushie will sometimes pop into the toy room if it gets stuck walking there (sometimes it gets a little lost)
  • Paint now empties from used paint buckets for the easel toy (we took the bottomless paint buckets away… they went for a lot on ebay)
  • Updated models for basic chair, basic table, and basic lamp- now slightly less basic!
  • Mushie now gets sad when it is hit with the ball (pls don’t hurt mushies)
  • Ugly wall is now slightly less ugly

Mushie Eating Soup

  • Fixed clipping and sync issues with food animation
  • Mushie now immediately goes after feather when it is taken out of inventory (it was just feeling a little lazy before)
  • Fixed issue with tank SFX never stopping

Mush Rush

  • Added unlocking system for levels
  • Added mush stars to song buttons to make it easy to track progress
  • Added particle effects when mushie gets a golden leaf
  • Added new text popups for Missed, Good, and Perfect
  • Songs now have proper titles (no more Song 1, Song 2, Song 3!)
  • (Secret bonus song???)

  • Fixed issue with mushie falling off the edge of the level in the Tutorial


  • Added cutscene transition from hub to Mush Rush start screen (GO MUSHIE GO!)
  • Added smaller transition from hub to home

Beatle Cutscene


  • Furniture and accessories now start locked and unlock after getting mush stars in Mush Rush

Thank you so mush!